Fundraising or fundraising is often done by individuals or non-profit organizations. This fundraising can be in the form of money, services, or goods and the results are used for the survival of many people.

Fundraising or often known as fundraising is an effort or process of activities in order to raise or raise funds, either in the form of infaq, alms, zakat, or other sources of funds from individuals, groups, organizations, companies, and the government.

Methods of Fundraising
Here are some methods you can use to raise funds. Check out the reviews.

1. Holding an event
The first method is to hold an event. This method is quite popularly used by non-profit organizations to raise funds. They invite various guests to come to the event with a predetermined purpose. When the funds are collected, the funds will be handed over to the institution to be used according to its purpose.

2. Volunteer
Next up is to volunteer online. You can participate in various online activities and invite people to participate in the activities you do.

3. Raising funds through birthdays
You can use important birthday moments to raise funds. You can invite friends and family to donate or raise funds instead of giving gifts.

4. Using a charity box
Using charity boxes is the method most often used in religious, social and community activities in general to make donations. Usually this charity box will be packaged more attractively according to the fundraising title.

5. Create a campaign through social media
This method is also often used for fundraising. You simply create a fundraiser through various social media. You tell about the institution you are running and campaign its goals. Make sure you are transparent with this fundraiser.