7 Reasons Why Using “Travel Agent” Can Be More Savings

1. Get service
there is more service for the customer regarding the whole trip itself, regardless that what is purchased is only a plane ticket or hotel, not a tour package.

2. Be able to consult about destinations, customers often buy plane tickets impulsively because they are tempted by low prices. However, when buying a ticket, do not equip yourself with the knowledge of where to go in that destination. If you lack information, maybe when you arrive at the destination, you will actually be more wasteful.

3. Ease if the schedule changes When planning a trip, sometimes conditions occur which result in having to cancel the trip. Of course, usually tickets and hotels that have been purchased are forfeited, aka money cannot be returned. If you buy at a travel agent, for some conditions, flight and hotel tickets can be postponed or refunded. Of course usually if the money is returned, there is a cancellation fee. Another option is that the schedule can be changed.

4. Cheaper hotel rates Usually, travel agents already have their own suppliers for hotels. The supplier usually “buys” hotel rooms in large quantities so that they get a cheaper price than the published rate.

5. Entrance tickets to tourist attractions are cheaper. Travel agents usually buy in large quantities several tourist objects such as well-known theme parks which are well-known among Indonesian tourists. So when sold to customers, the price can be cheaper. Fenny gave an example of Universal Studio Japan entrance ticket.

6. Can arrange a visit visa If you don’t want to bother, a travel agent can indeed help in arranging a visit visa to certain countries. Moreover, visa processing and travel to countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Indonesia, of course, must be done through a travel agent.

7. Traveling in a group will be cheaper If traveling alone will be more expensive than traveling in a group, especially if the desired facilities are in the same class. Travel agents usually provide all-inclusive tour packages (including air tickets and accommodation) for groups, the price is often cheaper than traveling alone.